A website is extremely important these days. In the highly evolved online world it is extremely important to have a professional image online. A website for your business is that online image you are looking for. We build a beautiful website that suits the look of your company. In addition, through our experience and knowledge we can ensure that your website will be found very well in search engines like Google. For example, if you want to be found on specific keywords we can take care of it.

While building the website we pay a lot of attention to:

  • The look: a beautiful website that suits your company
  • Responsiveness: the website will look good on computers, laptops, smartphones.
  • Findability: your website will be found in Google.
  • Technical Requirements
  • Adaptability: we make sure that you can customize the website yourself (e.g. adjust pictures, text, ...).
  • Your requirements and wishes: we realize all your needs related to the website.

Unlike many other Web design agencies, Thompsons Webdesign services continue after delivery of the website. Every month, we are looking at what we can modify to the site to get an even higher score in Google. Through our tools, we have a good view on which pages are visited often and long and which are not. We can ensure that that little frequented pages will be adjusted so that more attention is paid to these pages.

If you choose Thompsons Webdesign you will never stand alone: we continue to help you to improve your website if needed.

U can always ask for a free quotation via this website.

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